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jamesgray3My name is James W. Gray. I have an MA in philosophy from San Jose State University (2008). This blog contains my personal notes, thoughts, and journal entries about philosophy.

Everything posted on this website is copyrighted by James W. Gray. Yes, blog posts are copyrighted.

Don’t know what philosophy is? You might want to read my free ebook, What is Philosophy?

Want to improve your philosophical thinking? You might want to take a look at the following ebooks: What is Argument Mapping and How to Become a Philosopher. To learn more about moral philosophy, you might also want to read my Free Introduction to Moral Philosophy ebook.

If you are interested in metaethics or my personal views, you don’t have to fish through my old posts. Instead, you might want to take a look at my free ebooks instead. I use the ebooks to clean up my posts and organize them appropriately.

The main topic of many of my articles is, “Does anything really matter?” If you don’t know why you should want to know about philosophy, ethics, moral realism, or meta-ethics; then you might want to read Denying the Meaning of Life. In particular, I think the view that “something really matters” is plausible and we need to have the best ethical beliefs we can.

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