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September 23, 2012

The Difference Between Sophistry & Philosophy

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Many people confuse “sophistry” with “philosophy.” They think that philosophers are arrogant charlatans who foolishly think they know something. However, that description better fits those we now call “sophists.” What is sophistry? And what is philosophy? Socrates considered philosophy to be a force of good in opposition to sophistry. I will discuss both of these domains in order to help us understand what philosophy is, and why philosophy is not sophistry. (more…)

September 9, 2012

My Reply to Neo of The Skeptic Arena: Are All Good Arguments Logically Sound?

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Neo of The Skeptic Arena read two of my posts: “Not All Good Arguments Are Logically Sound Part 1” and “Not all Good Arguments Are Logically Sound Part 2.” (At first he only read Part 2, which might have led to confusion.) We had an email conversation that he decided to post on his website for educational reasons. Go to his website to see for yourself. He concludes the following:

Against my better judgment I went ahead and read part 1. As I expected, it was pretty much the same drivel I put up with in Part 2. It was a waste of time. Since he is obviously unable to defend his assertions, continuing the email exchange would also be a waste of time.


10 Myths About Logic

Logic is greatly misunderstood. Not only do very few people understand logic properly, but even critical thinking educators believe false things about logic. I will discuss ten myths (false beliefs) I believe many people have about logic. (more…)

September 4, 2012

More Philosophy Definitions Part 2

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I have continued working on the Comprehensible Philosophy Dictionary (a work in progress). There will be many corrections coming soon in addition to many new definitions. You can let me know if any of these definitions can be improved or if I am still missing an important philosophy term. I decided to define a lot more terms used in logic, and many more can still be added. The new definitions I am planning on adding are the following: (more…)

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