Ethical Realism

January 22, 2010

Searle’s Philosophy of the Mind

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Some philosophers believe that the mind is a real and separate domain of reality, and this view seems analogous to the belief that morality is a real and separate domain of reality. I will present an example of mental realism and compare it to moral realism. Part of the moral debate is centered around the analogy of moral realism with mental realism. In particular, I will describe John Searle’s realist philosophy of the mind and relate it to moral realism. His philosophy of the mind will be taken from his books Mind and Rationality in Action. To be a mental realist is to accept that minds exist as an irreducible part of the world. I will do the following:

  1. Define mental realism.
  2. Describe Searle’s account of mental causation.
  3. Discuss the analogy between moral and mental realism.



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