Ethical Realism

May 13, 2011

Job Discrimination

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Prejudice and discrimination still has a powerful impact on the workplace and is a serious moral issue facing our society. I will discuss (1) the meaning of job discrimination, (2) evidence of job discrimination, (3) affirmative action, (4) the doctrine of comparable worth, and (5) sexual harassment. This discussion is based on chapter nine of Business Ethics (Third Edition, 1999)by William Shaw. This is the most outdated chapter in his book because it relies heavily on older statistics and studies, but the problems we face today might not be quite the same as the problems we faced ten years ago. However, I will use more current statistics and studies than is available in his book when possible. However, Shaw’s newest business ethics book came out in 2009 and has updated statistics. (A used copy costs next to nothing on Amazon right now.)



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