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March 21, 2013

What You Need From Propositional Logic Free Ebook (PDF)

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Some of my key blog posts about propositional logic have been organized a free ebook. This ebook can greatly help people understand the importance of logically valid arguments and better understand logical form.


The focus of this book is propositional logic. I discuss the meaning of “logic,” the importance of logic, logical connectives, truth tables, natural deduction, and rules of inference.


April 27, 2012

Introduction to Argument Mapping & Critical Thinking (Ebook/PDF, updated 12/5/2012)

You can download a free short introduction to critical thinking & argument mapping. Go here for more information.

I have made a comprehensive introduction to argument mapping and critical thinking in the form of an ebook. There is evidence that argument mapping is the most effective way to learn critical thinking. Argument maps are visual representations of arguments that help us understand how arguments work, and what it takes to make a good argument.

This ebook is no longer available for free on the website because I am considering publishing it. If you would like to use it for free to teach a class, you can send me a message with information about who you are, the school you work at, and how you plan on using it in the class. I would also require that you give me feedback. You can send me a message using the form below.


June 26, 2011

Notes on Business Ethics Ebook (PDF) (Updated 6/12/2013)

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I have organized some of my essays (blog entries) to make a free ebook that tries to answer the question, How does morality relate to the business world? I discuss moral philosophy and how various moral principles seem to apply to business. (more…)

September 26, 2010

A Moral Realist Point of View Free Ebook (PDF)

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I have organized some of my essays (blog entries) to make a free ebook that tries to answer the question, How can a moral realist understand the world? It can be difficult to understand why moral realism is important unless we can see how it relates to our worldview, ethics, and our lives as a whole. This is a sequel to, Is There A Meaning of Life? (more…)

September 7, 2010

Free Introduction to Moral Philosophy Ebook of Notes (Updated 9/3/2011)

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I have organized some of my essays & notes (blog entries) to make a free ebook that tries to answer the question, How do we know right from wrong? People understand morality pretty well, but not perfectly. Their intuitive understanding is inadequate and can be improved with a more philosophical understanding.

This book discusses meta-ethics, normative theories of ethics, and applied ethics.


February 16, 2010

What is Philosophy? Free Ebook (Updated 6/27/2011)

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I have included my my free ebook that discusses the main ideas of philosophy as well as a short answer to the question, “What is Philosophy?” This is the first chapter to a larger “introduction to philosophy” guide book (reader) that I wrote for my philosophy students.


February 8, 2010

Two New Stoic Ethical Theories (Free Ebook, updated 12/11/10)

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If you want to know the meaning of life, then my master’s thesis is relevant. My master’s thesis, Two New Kinds of Stoicism, was on ethical theory. In particular, I developed two new sorts of Stoic ethics without the need for a reference to God (Universal Reason). Such a theory is meant to tell us what has value, and it is meant to help us identify right and wrong, and make moral decisions.

Although my thesis has not been peer-reviewed by loads of professional philosophers, it was accepted as my master’s thesis by three philosophy professors at San Jose State University. (That doesn’t mean they agreed with it. It just means that it was good enough to help me get a degree.)

The thesis can also be downloaded from the San Jose State University website. It was published in 2008. (more…)

January 21, 2010

Is There A Meaning of Life? Free Ebook (Updated 6-26-10)

I updated many of my essays to create a free ebook that features my argument that there is a meaning of life (intrinsic values exist). The essays can be found on this website. It is still in the rough draft stage, but you might get something out of it. Read on to see the abstract. (more…)

September 10, 2009

Contemporary Metaethics Part 1 Ebook PDF (Updated 6/24/2011)

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I organized my reviews and opinions in a free ebook (PDF file). All of the reviews and opinions are from this website, but someone might find it convenient to be able to view it as an ebook. It discusses the basics of metaethics and provides several reviews of contemporary essays.

I spent a couple of hours to make the ebook. Several typos were fixed, but there are probably a lot more. Formatting is not as consistent as I would like, but I don’t want to spend a lot of time on it. My opinions involving metaethics are also inconsistent because I wrote my reviews within a stream of consciousness. I often changed my mind one day to the next based on the readings. (more…)

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