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June 7, 2012

Introduction to Philosophical Thinking

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The following is a list of links to blog posts in the “correct order” for learning about philosophical argumentation and essay writing. (It can be a good idea to read my “Introduction to Argument Mapping & Critical Thinking” and “What is Philosophy?” articles before reading these articles.)

The following blog posts can be used as an introduction to philosophical thinking:

      1. Why Philosophy is Important
      2. Intellectual Virtues, Dogmatism, Fanaticism, & Terrorism
      3. How to Become a Philosopher
      4. Eight Essential Philosophy Books
      5. 10 Myths About Beliefs
      6. What You Need From Formal Logic
      7. Proving an Argument Is Logically Valid (optional)
      8. Examples of Valid & Invalid Logical Reasoning
      9. Four Requirements for Good Arguments
      10. Four Sorts of Justification
      11. Four Terrible Ways to Argue
      12. Four Argument Strategies
      13. Examples of Errors in Reasoning
      14. Is Knowledge Impossible?
      15. Three Forms of Evidence
      16. Knowledge, Justification, and Theoretical Virtues
      17. Arguments for Intuition
      18. Three Kinds of Intuitive Arguments
      19. Writing Philosophical Arguments
      20. Philosophical Thought & An Illustration of An Objection
      21. Philosophical Thought & an Illustration of a Positive Argument
      22. How to Get an A in a Philosophy Class (optional)
      23. How to Take Notes in Philosophy Class (optional)
      24. How to Teach Philosophy (optional)
      25. A Proposal for a Philosophical Community (optional)

These blog posts are also found in my ebook, How To Become a Philosopher.

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