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June 9, 2010

Does Morality Require God? Free Ebook

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I have organized some of my essays (blog entries) to make a free ebook that tries to answer the question, Does morality require God? Whether or not morality requires God is a hotly debated topic and many people think it does. However, this debate exists almost exclusively among non-philosophers and actual philosophers who want to know where morality comes from almost never think “God” is the answer they are looking for. I discuss why God is not required for morality.


I argue that morality (intrinsic value) does not require God. If anything really matters, it can have value whether or not God exists.


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  1. […] Joel Marks’s Moral Anti-Realism: A View that Morality Requires God Filed under: ethics,metaethics,philosophy — James Gray @ 10:06 am Tags: moral antirealism, morality, nihilism, god, atheism, irrealism I am unimpressed by atheists giving theism too much credit by assuming that morality requires God, and now Joel Marks has found himself persuaded by such horrible arguments. The fact is that people had morality long before they thought the supernatural had anything to do with it. The reason to believe in morality has little to do with morality, but a two thousand year old Christian tradition made people depend on religion and supernatural sources for morality that they became addicted. Many people then become unsure how morality could work without God.  (Hence, Nietzsche’s declaration that “God is dead.”) Aristotle, Epicurus, and many Buddhists had no problem having moral theories with no relation to the supernatural. (More information here.) […]

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