Ethical Realism

September 10, 2009

Contemporary Metaethics Part 1 Table of Contents

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I have finished reviewing Essays on Moral Realism edited by Geoffrey Sayre-McCord. This is a table of contents for my reviews and thoughts related to that anthology.

Introduction: What is Metaethics?

Chapter 1: Ancient Ethics

Chapter 2: Modern Metaethics

Chapter 3: Contemporary Metaethics

Chapter 3.1: Critique of Ethics and Theology by A.J. Ayre

Chapter 3.2: Ethical Consistency by Bernard Williams

Chapter 3.3: Supervenience Revisited by Simon Blackburn

Chapter 3.4: Ethics, Mathematics, and Relativism by Jonathan Lear

Chapter 3.5: The Subjectivity of Values by J.L. Mackie

Chapter 3.6: Ethics and Observation by Gilbert Harman

Chapter 3.7: Truth, Invention, and the Meaning of Life by David Wiggins

Chapter 3.8: Values and Secondary Qualities by John McDowell

Chapter 3.9.1: How to be a Moral Realit by Richard N. Boyd Part 1

Chapter 3.9.2: How to be a Moral Realist by Richard N Boyd Part 2

Chapter 3.10: Moral Explanations by Nicholas L. Sturgeon

Chapter 3.11: Moral Theory and Explanatory Impotence by Geoffrey Sayre McCord

Chapter 3.12: Moral Reality by Mark Platts

Conclusion: Ethical Naturalism

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